Class Rooms

  • The classrooms are elevated with plenty of natural light and good ventilation
  • The classrooms are provided with Audio-Visual facility
  • The classroom walls are lined with bulletin boards which showcase the students’ creativity


  • The Library has large number of reference books, Autobiographies of great persons, encyclopedias, General knowledge books etc.
  • The Library has collection of periodicals, journals, educational CDS
  • The Library has Book-Bank system through which it provides text books to all students

Play Ground

  • The playground is large and sufficient to accommodate all children to play together
  • Separate playground is provided for girl students
  • The playground facilitates the students to play games like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Kho-kho, Tennikoit,Ball badminton etc


  • There are separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and computers
  • Every lab is well equipped with modern facilities
  • Every lab has trained instructors

Computer Lab

  • Computer lab accommodates 60 students
  • The computer systems have latest version of softwares
  • The computer lab has Broadband connectivity for Internet


  • Separate hostel facility for Boys and Girls.
  • Each floor is provided with a safe drinking water facility.
  • Hot water is provided for bathing.

Kitchen & Dining Hall

  • The Kitchen provides pure vegetarian and nutritious food
  • The Kitchen has modern cooking equipments with good ventilation
  • The Kitchen staff are well trained and are being medically examined time to time.

Outdoor Gym

  • Students use outdoor gym equipments during morning & evening hours.
  • Separate outdoor Gym facility for boys and girls.

Medical Room

  • Anmol takes care of all sick students at one to one level. All sick students will be moved to the medical room for personal caring and treatment.
  •  A full time Nurse is made available 24×7 within the campus.
  • Students will be taken to the Hospital and shown to specialist doctors wherever it is required.


Science Park

  • The Science Park in the School is aesthetically designed and science gadgets are fitted permanently·        
  • It allows students to conduct open air experiments and thereby understand what has been taught in the classroom thus inculcating scientific temperament.
  • The Science Park has following experiments: Periodic Table, Colour Disc, DNA-Double Helix Structure, Angular Momentum,Rain Gauge, Taranga, Double Ended Cone, Friction & Speed, Persistence Vision.

School Dairy

  • The school dairy produces the required milk in – house
  • All boarding students get hygienic, pure milk and its products 
  • Children are given an opportunity to learn dairy related activities 

Bio Gas Plant

  • The school has implemented Bio-gas system in the campus 
  • All Bio-waste from field, kitchen and cow shed will be fed to the plant to produce Bio-gas which in turn will be used for cooking
  • The slurry so produced will be used in vermi-compost production

Vegetable garden

  • The school has reserved a plot to grow vegetables in the campus itself 
  • The children are trained in gardening and vegetables growing
  • The vegetables so grown go to Hostel kitchen

Medicinal Garden

  • The school has developed a medicinal plants garden
  • Tulsi, Beetel leaves, Lemon grass, Doddapatre etc.are available in the garden
  • These plants are used as ‘herbal medicines’ for all minor ailments of students

Waste Management

  • The waste produced in the school is segregated as Bio-degradable and Bio-non degradable
  • All Bio-degradable waste is recycled within the campus
  • The Bio-non-degradable is handed over to outside Agencies for reuse / recycling / further processing

R O Water Plant

  • R O Plant provides safe and tasty drinking water to students in the campus

The School also provides the following facilities in the campus

  • Students’ store facilities
  • 24hrs power supply
  • Laundry facility
  • Hair cutting saloon
  • Photo copy service
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